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Domestic, Industrial and Commercial CCTV

CCTV equipment can provide instant notification when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people, theft and vandalism are all substantially reduced. When crime does occur, CCTV system incident recording can provide valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction. CCTV security system technology and CCTV equipment can be used in both internal and external environments to watch over and protect property, vehicles and valuables. CCTV can be considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime.

We can supply and install high quality real time CCTV Equipment which provides DVD quality images. All equipment supplied and installed is tested for quality, durability and ease of use. We are committed to providing CCTV Systems at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. We fully guarantee our products and services for a minimum of twelve months.

In towns and other potential crime hot-spots, CCTV installations and the effects of CCTV systems are clear from the falling crime statistics.
With their use established in the public sector, the case for CCTV installations security systems for commercial and other organisations is now clear.

The UK has more CCTV cameras per person than anywhere else in the world and the use of CCTV raises privacy concerns. It can be used in intrusive ways to put ordinary individuals under surveillance as they go about their everyday lives. Because of this, it's a subject in which we take seriously. We follow guidance given to organisations who use CCTV to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 which help us inspire public confidence that we are installing CCTV responsibly.

Images of people are covered by the Data Protection Act, and so is information about people which is derived from images – for example, vehicle registration numbers. Most uses of CCTV by organisations or businesses will be covered by the Act, regardless of the number of cameras or how sophisticated the equipment is.

The Data Protection Act does not apply to individuals’ private or household purposes. So if you install a camera on your own home to protect it from burglary, the Act will not apply.

At Intelesec we pride ourselves in working in compliance with this act. For more information click here.

Data Protection Act 1998 And You

Due to the nature that all systems are unique to the requirements of each customer, their needs and other criteria, there is no easy fixed price. However, we have put together a typical system below as an example.


Example shown above includes the following. 4 x Vandal resistant day / night dome cameras, 1 x 250GB Digital Video Recorder, Power Supply Unit, 4GB Memory Stick, CCTV in operation Sineage, 17” TFT Monitor and installation in most Domestic / Commercial premises. For variations to this offer please contact us for further details.

Items shown are for visual effect only. Items may differ from those shown. Full specification available on request.
All systems Installed, Service and Maintained to BS EN50132


Q) Why do I need CCTV?

A) Although you may not need CCTV there is a valid reason for using CCTV as a tool for combatting rising crime. The presence of CCTV alone has proved invaluable against the fight in crime bringing the numbers of crimes down where CCTV is present.

Q) How expensive is CCTV?

A) CCTV does not need to be expensive. You have to tailor systems to your needs and there is no point in fitting expensive ANPR cameras just to view a reception area. This highlights the need to survey the premises correctly and to identify the requirements of the customer.

Q) Does the system require regular servicing?

A) As part of BS EN50132, we as an installer must provide our customers with a full service and maintenance package.  Apart from legislation, consideration must be given to simple things like dirt on lenses. If the camera is subjected to damp and dust then regular cleaning will be required. In most cases this is taken into account when the system is designed.

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